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Zenoss Device Listing

Nice for if you need some form of automated report in zenoss, here’s a code snippet to print out a list of devices per class, formatted in markdown markup

typehash = {}
for d in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices():
    if typehash.has_key(d.getDeviceClassPath()) == False:
        typehash[d.getDeviceClassPath()] = []

for key in typehash:
    print """### %s\n""" % (key)
    for item in typehash[key]:
        print "*   %s\n" % (item)
    print ""

Run it in the zenoss console, or anything with a dmd connection. Tested on 2.5.x, but should be trivial to port forward if it breaks.

(PS: I could probably fix up that last bit to do something with .iteritems() instead…)

Zenoss – Find transforms

So I was looking around in one of my zenoss installs some time ago to find what EventClasses I’d set up transforms in, but didn’t feel like digging around through the entire tree of EventClasses (a cursory check now reveals that there’s 136 of them in my one installation). At the time, I solved the problem, extracted the data I needed, and then consequently forgot about it.

And then today I needed that info again. \o/ for IRC logs. To do this, connect to the dmd (on my system, which is installed with the debian package, the command for this is su -c “/usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/bin/zendmd” zenoss. Adjust it for your own system), and then run the following code

foo = dmd.Events.getSubEventClasses()
for i in foo:
    if len(i.transform) != 0: print "%s :: \n%s\n\n" % (i.getOrganizerName(), i.transform)

This will give you human-readable list of all your existing transforms, which makes it easy to find and re-use them.

Edit: this is confirmed working on 3.2.1 (and probably works on the rest of 3.x as well, post in the comments if it doesn’t). Thanks to jmp242 from #zenoss for testing.