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So today/tonight/sometime is leap second day. I’m not too sure when it is, exactly. Why? Because I don’t need to:

Jun 30 14:43:09 stratum1 lantime[1850]: Normal Operation  
Jun 30 14:43:17 stratum1 lantime[1850]: Leap second announced  
Jun 30 14:44:12 stratum1 ntpd[2172]: synchronized to PPS(0), stratum 0
Jun 30 14:44:13 stratum1 lantime[1467]: NTP sync to PPS

My timeserver knows. Firmware updates applied, leap seconds announced, music festivals to go to.


Or: when you seriously need to tunnel

I’ve got some servers sitting 300~500ms away, behind a bad NAT, and GRE/pptp can’t make it through. Quick way to solve it? Build a small crappy VM, install ssh, and make the following modifications to files:

/etc/ssh/sshd_config: append the PermitTunnel directive. Pick one you like from `man 5 sshd_config`
/etc/ssh/ssh_config: append the Tunnel directive. Again, check which you want from `man 5 ssh_config`.

Quickly generate a key for use for the tunnel dial and push it to your dial host:
ssh-keygen -C “tunneling key” -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/tunnel_rsa
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/tunnel_rsa user@tunnelhost

Now start up the tunnel:
ssh -NTCf -w any user@tunnelhost

Slap IPs on each side:
client:~# ip addr add peer dev <tundev>
tunnelhost:~# ip addr add peer dev <tundev>

Also, I noticed that between two debian hosts the tunnels defaulted to state DOWN, so a quick ip link set up dev <tundev> was needed each side.

Ping across, check if it works, and if all’s good you should be able to route via the tunnel and do whatever you need to. Since ssh is generally pretty capable and usable everywhere (even over some crazy portforwards), this should get you going fairly easily.


So I decided to, instead of spamming people up through my blog and IRC and jabber and …. each time I find something cool, rather make a concentrated little project for it.

And I had a useful domain for it around from 2010 as well. So, presenting Earnoms!

Check out the about page for a summary of the project, but definitely keep those music links coming :)

Musical Interlude

After a few days of flu-sourced incapacitation, I’m back onto sorta being alive. Here’s a nice chilled track on some cool instruments:

Read more about this funky little instrument here.


So we survived the day pretty well. Yay for things going as they should ;)

A quick summary would be having one query regarding being unable to hit our test site and that turned out to be a browser issue at the client. The following counters from it (stats from around 15h00 SAST):

   2012-06-06  --  228 IPv4 only
   2012-06-06  --  5 Confused
   2012-06-06  --  1 Web Filter
   2012-06-06  --  46 Dual Stack - IPv6 Preferred
   2012-06-06  --  16 Dual Stack - IPv4 Preferred

Not bad, considering we only took it live sometime last night. Some other people didn’t get by quite so well on v6 day though. Yahoo was one of them. When trying to go to ‘’, we get redirected to ‘’ with the following DNS records:

vandali % host is an alias for is an alias for is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1288:f00e:1fe::3001 has IPv6 address 2a00:1288:f006:1fe::3000 has IPv6 address 2a00:1288:f006:1fe::3001 has IPv6 address 2a00:1288:f00e:1fe::3000

This then blows up at one of their Accelerators:

Worth a slight thought, since Yahoo actually appears to see use over much of Africa.

All said and done, a fairly good day. Didn’t notice any major blowouts elsewhere in the internet (although I should note I wasn’t tracking all news), and I look forward to some write-ups by the usual people (Renesys, HE, Evilrouters, etc) in the next few days. We appear to remain one of the most well-connected IPv6 ISPs in South Africa, and in a pretty good position overall.

6th of the 6th, launch ALL the things

So, it’s World IPv6 Day^W^W^WIPv6 Launch Day (rebranding lulz). Go test your IPv6 at some appropriate site like here (hosted in South Africa) or here (somewhere else than South Africa, I didn’t check).

Google also had some conference announcement about the next stage in Maps. I wonder if it’s this thing I saw on Google Maps last night: Mapmaker. It appears to be 4sq meets Waze meets .. something. Let’s see at 9am PST.

Update: here’s a screenshot.

Second update: (fuck you WordPress editor) apparently Mapmaker’s been live since mid-April. Talk about a quiet launch.

Mapmaker Intro Screen


This is a rage post.

Seriously, if you don’t care about rage (or politics, or beyond-fucked-in-the-head idiots, or …), don’t read this post.

Hey FPB, fuck you. Yes, I said fuck. That’s a swearword. Stick it up your ass.

Here’s a copy of Brett Murray’s ‘The Spear':

The Spear, Brett Murray

Here’s a copy of it when it became more expensive. You know, after some mouth-fuming idiots splashed more paint on it:

hey look, moar monies

And guess what, you can’t do shit. Censor it for age 16? Require measures barring underage people from accessing it? Fuck that. You people need your world adjusted, it’s a little bit closed off at the moment.