Monthly Archives: September 2014

Also, updates

mysql> delete from wp_comments where comment_approved=0;
 Query OK, 16330 rows affected, 40 warnings (0.59 sec)

*updates wordpress, disables comments, leaves Disqus to do the rest*

News and such

Been a while. I wrote some small bad software. The cornercase for which I needed it was “mutually-viewed screen session running pushloop, which does puppet runs” for some work a colleague and I were doing. Post-receive config to echo to a file (from your DVCS of choice), done/done.

I’ll also be doing a talk on Logcabin at PyconZA this coming week (with opensourcing the module coming in the near future). It’s been fun doing things with that.

Outside of the tech space I guess I’m just waiting for things to tick up.