Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mikrotik and Rancid

In what’s probably turning into a series of posts detailing methods for dealing with Mikrotik routers from an operations standpoint, I’ve decided to do a bit of work detailing a bit more what I referred to in my previous post: the rancid integration for a Mikrotik router. I partly blame Lars Engström for all of this, as he recently got a Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 for their office, and has been asking me some questions about various little bits as he’s been going.

So here it is, my first ever set of commits/pushes to Github. Credit for most of the work goes to other people, linked from the readme in the repo; I just glued it all together in a nice-to-use fashion.

Oh, side mention: Lars also runs the aggregator of networking/tech blogs at this URL. It’s a pretty decent collection, and if you’re interested in networking, you might wish to follow it (for those of you who aren’t reading this post through it).

Update: as of about rancid 2.3.8, it appears that these patches have been merged into upstream. I didn’t really bother to check history, because the changelog has nothing in and I can’t be bothered to find where it was merged. One key difference is that the device type is called mikrotik (unlike mikrotik_{x86,rb}, in my setup), and presumably deals with the conditional commands by itself.