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The Scene Will Be Youtube-ised!

So, lame post titles excluded, the content.

Every now and then I run into a little something online which proves to me that the scene(s) isn’t(/aren’t) dead yet, and I’m a little bit rejoiced at it. Everyone toiling away in obscure little corners, still churning out some amazing things. And, for your enjoyment, I present the following.

Seems that today is good after all.

Theoretically Monday

Every now and then I wake up to a good Monday, but they’re few and far between. Thankfully, today is only a theoretical Monday (it is, in fact, a Tuesday, due to the holidays from Easter weekend), but nonetheless it’s actually doing well so far.

Part of what makes it good is that unlike the recent trend in my life, nothing of any ridiculous consequence has happened over the weekend. Another part is to wake up to some great reading. Many who know me would know that I’m no great fan of PHP (probably the world’s most famous dinky toy language), although any verbal argument about it is likely to be futile because of a variety of reasons. Thus it’s quite great to find this post that articulates all sorts of issues I often encounter on random occasions when I have to deal with PHP. Link via Jeremy.

Another for fun/schadenfreude. And this wikiquote page about the author of PHP is pretty great.

Lastly, I discovered Emika‘s music over the last few days via her latest mix on Rob Booth’s site.

Here’s to hoping for a fairly sane week!

P.S. Bashing? Who, me? Nevaaaaar.


I blame Kim for this post, since he had misspelled ‘bouquet’ in some places by accident.

Productive, a cooperative limerick by Johan and myself.

There once was a garden in Phuket,
Where a man did buy a bouquet.
Alas the bouquet was flawed,
And on his nerves it so gnawed,
That he fin’ly said “phuket” and chucked it.

(And if you want to complain, I ask you to please keep this link in mind)