The short: Internet Glue Specialist. Music lover. Keyboard jockie. Bookworm. Part-time gentleman of leisure. Beardwielder extraordinaire.

contact = {
  'name': 'JP Viljoen',
  'handle': 'froztbyte',
  'twitter': '@froztbyte',
  'last.fm': 'frozt01100101',
  'linkedin': 'froztbyte',
  'jabber / xmpp / mail': 'froztbyte shift-at froztbyte not-shift-dot net',
  'irc'{["freenode", "shadowfire", "oftc"]: nick => "froztbyte; },
  'launchpad' : 'froztbyte',
  'github': 'froztbyte',
  'facebook': 'froztbyte | JP Viljoen',

Location = .za

[ed's note: this page is totally constructed the way it is for lulz. Please, no-one ever implement the insane conglomeration of pseudosyntax on here. Ever. For the love of all the kittens on the net.]



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