Monthly Archives: January 2013


In various ways, I’ll likely stop using the minipost tag/category, and rather feed all of that over here now:

In general it seems like a platform better suited to that sort of thing. Time will tell.


Update: I’ve contacted Github support about this, and given them a suggestion about a default-on preference/setting to filter those for everyone but the repo owner, perhaps with a visual cue about it

Update 2: as of this update, the search for these sorts of files no longer appears to be working; I also got a mail back from github support about this earlier, but didn’t really read it yet

Or to give people the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they just didn’t know better. I don’t even understand how this comes to pass, it’s so different from what I’m typically used to.

github ssh keys

github bash history

github zsh history


The URLs for these are as follows:

There are some more, obviously. Use your imagination to find them. You can also filter for passwords and such:


So, to all the people who have done this: don’t upload any of your history files, private ssh keys, etc, to something on the public internet.