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And now

Okay, so as per what I just wrote here, after a fucking hour spent writing this, which itself was in trying to process fucking broken technology.

Wine time.

And switching away from this god-awful platform is now going to happen this weekend.

A …. something

To state that there was a non-minor daisychain of clusterfucks that led to me even writing this post right now… almost feels like the emotive commitment to “attempting to express this” was abandoned mid-way.

Which I know is a far cry from the usual tech-heavy contents of this blog in the past, and well fuckit. Feelings are real too.

So, the starting point: I finally scrape together enough mental capacity to change my fucking seat, move over to my piano/keyboard, and get some practice in. ADHD + executive function issues. Shit’s great. == made of awesome

This is a short post, for now. But. I am I .za. is not. I have had some major shit go down right now. And a friend at has helped me. More than I can quantify right now. If you can *in any fucking way possible* buy their services, do so. Srsly. I am not even fucking kidding or exaggerating. Support these people. They are the ultimate awesome.

Yet another bit of Vodacom portal fun

On my normal account. That used to work perfectly fine.




This is not a technical post. Nor anything of any consequential substance. I just felt like telling a story.

As mentioned before, I run a little project called Earnoms, which was started to find a place for people to share music, but (if I had to blurb it) in ways that are more social than the “social” music sites. Tonight was a mellow music night. Ended up with over 100 new URLs in the LinkDB just between a couple of people. Not bad, all things considered.

There’s an Afrikaans song called Lisa Se Klavier. I’m not sure if it was Koos Kombuis or Laurika Rauch who wrote it, and I’m sure a quick trip over via Google could answer the question, but I don’t actually care all that much right now. The best online version that I know of is this one. I should note that the statement is somewhat subjective, since I don’t like it when people go full-on drumkit with songs. Almost always it spoils the feeling. If that’s your thing, there’s another version on grooveshark that’ll suit you. There were a couple of other ones mentioned too, such as this track by aKING, and the version of Hallelujah by Karen Zoid which I discovered tonight.

But my story is more of history. Of a couple of years ago when I used to be in choir, at a time when choir was one of the few things of my life that I don’t want to rewrite (or at least, don’t consider wasted, unlike much else of the time then). Of a time when I knew three girls, all whose names started with L. All who could play piano (to varying extents), all who were in choir with me. All who were friends with each other, and loved to song. And I mean loved to sing. I don’t think I ever saw any of them sing without a smile on their faces. It was them who introduced me to some of my first tastes of slightly-specific musical appreciation, even way back then, entirely unintentionally. Unintentionally, because they were just singing to sing. But all things considered, it’s their version of Lisa Se Klavier that is my all-time favourite. Because between the three of them they covered soprano, alto, and contralto. Their version had them picking up the rises and falls from each other, toying with the sound, making it all the more playful (which, if you look at the lyrics, are oddly fitting in some ways). All the while still following on perfectly with each other, all the while smiling. That’s probably one of the memories I’ll carry with me for a very long time. Because it stands out brightly, lightly, and oh so very pleasantly.

All that waffled, I’ll leave you with this: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing Summertime.

We need this for internetworking

This. No, seriously, we really do.

Convenience Services And Consumers

(this post is now a bit late to the party…)

From Light Reading:

“Steven Glapa, senior director of field marketing at the Wi-Fi offload vendor [Ruckus Wireless], says that most operators are at least exploring how to charge for Wi-Fi now. Most, like AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), which has 29,000 hot spots, offer it free as a value-added service today. But Glapa says operators, in general, are considering bundling in an extra cost for the off-network access into data plans and counting that usage against the data cap. ”

Well, gee, imagine that. Can’t do boundless data plans without costing it in somewhere. I’m sure that lesson was somewhere in my high school economics class ~10 years ago, although the content would have been slightly different (likely a comparison of ice cubes in your drink would have applied). When playing in the infrastructure and/or edge services game, it’s hardly like things have no cost (or a very minimal one, at that) whatsoever. Perhaps this is a different scenario to the “cloud” space, where resources are extremely cheap and easy to come by. This is why some ISPs have gone with bundling services like these as VAS products on top of their normal offerings. An example of this would be M-Web in South Africa who bundles 500MB monthly free hotspot data into their packages, available for use at any Always-On hotspot in the country.

All in all, I’m somewhat surprised it took this long for people to realize this, but I hope that the kneejerk reactions from the suppliers can be controlled somewhat and that they rather come up with some moderately sane products to supplant internet access instead.

Oh, and can we please stop saying “free wifi” ever again? It’s a term that I’m almost convinced causes the death of baby unicorns each time it’s used.