Monthly Archives: March 2017

Drone CI Slack plugin changes for 0.4 to 0.5

Recently I’ve setup Drone CI for internal use, and ran into an issue with the Slack plugin failing to work. I thought I’d give a quick summary here of what was necessary to fix it on my setup, as the documentation (as it stands today) didn’t make it very clear.

The config required for making the Slack plugin work on 0.4 looks like this:

    channel: general
    username: drone

And the config for 0.5 like this:


    image: plugins/slack
    channel: general
    username: drone

The main differences I observed are:

  • the depth at which the notification plugin is stated (on 0.4 it’s at the root, on 0.5 it’s under pipeline)
  • “webhook_url” changed to “webhook”
  • the notify keyword/section appears to no longer be required