Zenoss Device Listing

Nice for if you need some form of automated report in zenoss, here’s a code snippet to print out a list of devices per class, formatted in markdown markup

typehash = {}
for d in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices():
    if typehash.has_key(d.getDeviceClassPath()) == False:
        typehash[d.getDeviceClassPath()] = []

for key in typehash:
    print """### %s\n""" % (key)
    for item in typehash[key]:
        print "*   %s\n" % (item)
    print ""

Run it in the zenoss console, or anything with a dmd connection. Tested on 2.5.x, but should be trivial to port forward if it breaks.

(PS: I could probably fix up that last bit to do something with .iteritems() instead…)