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Everything is not “just a string”

During a quick conversation on unicode and punycode, I managed to find http://☁→❄→☃→☀→☺→☂→☹→✝.ws

Cute, and a sad reminder of how many people still fight this.

Should I buy some stock?

thoughts: I still have some stock account balance left..wonder if I should buy some..

In [1]: from random import choice
In [2]: choices = {'buy': 0, 'wait': 0}
In [3]: for i in range(0,5000):
    choices[choice(['buy','wait'])] += 1
In [4]: choices
Out[4]: {'buy': 2518, 'wait': 2482}

Guess I’ll buy some stocks.

[ed's note: this method works equally well to decide which stocks you want to buy when you're lazy]

Dokuwiki mredirect plugin URL bug

At work we have an installation of Dokuwiki which is now slowly but surely being replaced by Jira (because of some context richness being easier in Jira). During this migration we wanted to be able to automatically redirect people to the new Jira entry if the content has been moved. For redirecting within the wiki, we’ve previously used the mredirect plugin, but we recently found it has a bug in handling redirect to an external URL.

So, here’s the patch:

$ diff oldaction.old action.php
<         $url = ($p[2] == '') ? wl($p[1]) : wl($p[1]) . '#' . sectionID($p[2], $check);
>         if ($p[2] == '') {
>           if (preg_match("/:\/\//", $p[0])) {
>             $url = preg_replace("/^\[\[/","",preg_replace("/\]\]$/","",$p[0]));
>           } else {
>             $url = wl($p[1]);
>           }
>         } else { $url = wl($p[1]) . '#' . sectionID($p[2], $check); }
< ?>
\ No newline at end of file
> ?>

This is just a very basic check to see whether the matched text contains “://”, which should never be within a Dokuwiki URL path (ie., “http://wiki.domain.tld/ns:entry” or “http://wiki.domain.tld/ns/entry” should be the only paths one can ever run across). If it contains this text, the Dokuwiki bracket syntax is stripped out of the string and the resulting content is the URL (verbatim) to redirect to.

I’ve mailed it to the author of the plugin as well, so hopefully it’ll get patched upstream and work for other people using Dokuwiki too.

Side note: I wonder what the/a nice way to post small diffs like this is instead of just dropping it in a quote on a post. Github’s gist or somesuch?

[Update] plugin author has responded and indicated that the upstream plugin is now updated.
[Update 2] thanks Axu for pointing out that I was asleep as hell when making this patch

Zenoss – Find transforms

So I was looking around in one of my zenoss installs some time ago to find what EventClasses I’d set up transforms in, but didn’t feel like digging around through the entire tree of EventClasses (a cursory check now reveals that there’s 136 of them in my one installation). At the time, I solved the problem, extracted the data I needed, and then consequently forgot about it.

And then today I needed that info again. \o/ for IRC logs. To do this, connect to the dmd (on my system, which is installed with the debian package, the command for this is su -c “/usr/local/zenoss/zenoss/bin/zendmd” zenoss. Adjust it for your own system), and then run the following code

foo = dmd.Events.getSubEventClasses()
for i in foo:
    if len(i.transform) != 0: print "%s :: \n%s\n\n" % (i.getOrganizerName(), i.transform)

This will give you human-readable list of all your existing transforms, which makes it easy to find and re-use them.

Edit: this is confirmed working on 3.2.1 (and probably works on the rest of 3.x as well, post in the comments if it doesn’t). Thanks to jmp242 from #zenoss for testing.