Poking at xkcd 1190

I’m probably not the only one doing this, but… let’s poke around at the innards of xkcd 1190. I’ll update this as I find things. I’m not particularly clued at JS yet (browsers are not my main playground), so I’m hitting this as it comes ;)

So far, useful things found:

  • there’s a minified script for making all of this happen, run it through a beautifier of your choice to be able to read it
  • append #verbose to the end of the URL for JS console logging messages
  • there appears to be an event listener thing going on, with what appear to be UUIDs attached to the events. I suspect they’re only format-similar though, because they must be time-dependent. Update: looks like it’s just kept in memory
  • the json passed to the xkcd servers looks like so:
s {type: "comic/time", data: "{"spread":5,"image":"a901246fd70dcd0054429bf55ced123ecead832300d73dedd78857d91eaff2df.png"}", lastEventId: "c0ddcdf0-9547-11e2-8001-1c6f659cb250"}

More as I find it

P.S.: Randall Munroe you are a hell of a nerdsniper.