Aptly named software

Just a quick post to also serve as a mental note for later, with two mentions to start off with:

  • RANCID — see here, aptly named because it is indeed quite rancid
  • slapd — the/a opensource LDAP server. The name is equally funny in Afrikaans and English, although the meanings are slightly different (“slap” would translate to “flimsy” for this specific context of amusement)
  • cacti – much like the cactus-plant from which this application derives its name (and which it uses as a logo), it’s guaranteed to be a pain to handle if you’re doing anything more than look at it
  • doxygen – check up the definition for ‘doxy’. This annoying software feels much the same way. Shacks up with something important (in this case the actual docs you care about), but you have to put up with it.